Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ideas for Applique

Hello quilters,

Sometimes I like a change from making quilts, not too often, but sometimes. Earlier this year I decided that I needed a change as well as a new sweatshirt so I set about making my own. Well not quite...

I went to the store and bought myself a sweatshirt (ok I know that part isn't making anything) but its what I did next that counts.

At the time, my "Advanced Layered Applique" class was running online. My students really had fun and you know how it is, when someone is having fun with quilting, you want to join in and do it too. I didn't want to made "Red Red Wine" again, but I did want to use the applique templates so that's exactly what I did. I used them to dress up my sweatshirt.

Here I am with my sweatshirt on standing by the Avon River in Christchurch

My free-motion applique techniques make this so easy to applique right onto the sweatshirt. Since you can sew in all directions, there is no turning and twisting so stitching is a breeze. Of course, sometimes I do get a little carried away though, but then that's half the fun of it. The grapes and leaves continue over to the back.

I did end up with a very unique, no-one-else-has sweatshirt - guaranteed, and it not only keeps me warm but is admired by many. So why don't you dress up a sweatshirt for yourself using your favorite applique design? It's fun!

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