Tuesday, 28 October 2008

More about online classes

christmas online class
I've certainly had lots of fun with my new online quilt school. It is amazing what the students are doing and I just adore watching their projects grow. We still have the class open, so that if anyone wants to jump in now, they can. You really don't miss anything. However, in the meantime, I have another Christmas class starting in Stained Glass Applique. I took my traditional Stained Glass poinsettia and have created a whole new look with the addition of colored bias rather than black. It's been fun creating this new look. Of course, you can do either in class. In fact, if you just want to purchase pre-made fused tape, this makes for a quick project. Quilting is all done at the same time.
I hope you'll join me!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Learn to make an applique Holly Wreath online

Well I just had to share my excitement. Today is the official opening of my new online class at the Academy of Quilting website: Academyofquilting.com

The actual launching of the Academy of Quilting site happened today and tomorrow our first class begins. I also added a preview of some things you'll find in the class. Just to give you an idea, here is a clip from the preview:

"Press all seams to one side as directed.

To do this, always start by pressing the seam flat as sewn to set the stitches and fabric before opening the two sections.

Position the section with seam to be pressed towards on top (usually darkest fabric), then use the tip and side of the iron to fold this top section over the seam.

Pressing is done from the right side of the block, however always check the seam on the back to ensure it is pressed correctly and lays flat."

This is a fun class where you'll learn lots of tips and tricks in applique. Come join all the other students who have already joined up and make some new friends.

Happy Quilting!