Sunday, 24 May 2009

Free online class

A lot of quilters ask "how do you take an online class?". Everyone seems very interested and eager to try. I decided since so many seem to be interested, that I would to write a short class so newcomers can experience the concept of online learning. Instead of adding a question and answer page, I decided it would be much better to actually make something so I decided on a book cover which is a wonderful creative idea for a gift with your personal touch.

These book covers are really fun to make. I have made them for friends and family at Christmas and birthdays. When I want to give something more, I add a small pocket on the inside cover that will hold a gift card.

With this class, I will be adding more applique designs and styles throughout the year, so the class will actually be an ongoing class unlike my regular classes. I hope quilters will gather within the classroom and share ideas so we can also add them to the lessons. It will be fun for sure and it is all free as well.

You can register here: Free online class Registration

I hope you will join me. Happy Quilting!

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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Twisted Ribbon Patchwork Class

I had a fun day teaching yesterday. It was quite funny actually. My students just didn't get the rules to begin with. The rules went something like this "no precise seam allowance" ... "no straight strips" ... "you can use any strip widths" ... "when it comes time to square it up, you can twist and turn the ruler any way you like". You cannot go wrong and as a result, you will end up with my beautiful twisted ribbon pattern.

It was a little difficult for my students to break the regular patchwork rules, but it was fun watching them, and once they got the concept of it, everyone had fun.

Here are some photos of the class which was held at Timeless Quilts in Anaheim.

You can see my Twisted Ribbons design in the background at the right of the photo. This green and fawn one was made by Sue Salinger while she tested my pattern... And yes, the muffins were delicious. I had blueberry!

My students had caught on to the concept now and were much happier not to be confused. You can see some of Kathy's blocks at the front of the photo on the left. Very pretty. You can also see some of my other patterns and class samples hanging in the background.

If you like this design, you can buy the pattern online at my website. I'm only an email away if you need any help.
Twisted Ribbons Pattern
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