Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sunflowers in Progress

I have been busy working on my latest online class "Sunflowers at Dawn". This is the second of a Sunflower series. I made the class sample in shades of blues (blue is my favorite color, so I couldn't resist the temptation) so thought it would be great to share this with you. The class adds detail in shading and dimension to make this piece really come to life.

I have received a lot of comments on the first Sunflower design over the years. One thing that quilters comment most about is how wonderfully I captured and created the bent sunflower so here is a close up of it ready to be stitched.

I have so enjoyed making this design again. It is much improved on the first design and in the class I have included a lot more detail like how to add shading and where to place fabrics to capture the morning light coming through the window.

I hope you will join me! It will definitely be fun.

For more information about the class visit:
More info about Sunflowers at Dawn Online Class

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern "Simply Sunflowers", you can find more information here: Simply Sunflowers quilt pattern

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bargello Students

I've had fun today, demonstrating and meeting quilters on the Orange County Shop Hop. In fact, two of the quilters (Diane and Cindy) who took my beginner's barello class a few weeks back brought me their finished quilts to see. They are very beautiful so I just had to get a snap shot of them and of course, I have to share them with you.

Diane is on the left and Cindy on the right. They enjoyed the bargello class a lot and are now moving on with the next bargello level. Diane wants to make Cherry Blossoms (seen hanging in the background on the right) and Cindy, Bargello Blues, but Cindy insists I get the Summer pattern out to her first so she can make that before she attempts the advanced level. I see I'm going to have to add that to my schedule.

This class has certainly been a lot of fun to teach and I hope others will join in this amazing style of quilt making.

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