Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Bargello Blues success story

Tim Ducharme shares his story about our quilt pattern "Bargello Blues" which he made for a long time friend.

"I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was visiting my mom for a few weeks in May this year. I ordered the Bargello Blues pattern from a quilt shop “Ann's Fabrics and Crafts” in New Hampshire, USA and was able to complete the piecing during my visit. Back in Toronto I finished the quilting, but did not finish the binding until October."

"This was a gift for a long time friend of mine. I asked her to Google quilts patterns to search for a pattern she liked. Bargello Blues was her top pick. I then asked her to pick her colour choices, which ranged from a dark green to tan and pink. Going through my mom's stash, I was able to find the 10 fabrics."

"I had a great time with the project, though I must admit, it was a challenge. This was my first difficult project."

Here is a photo of Kolleen, my friend, holding up her quilt.
Kolleen holding up the quilt Tim made for her

"Kolleen was very thrilled with the finished quilt and it fits perfectly on her TV."

This photo shows the quilt hanging over the TV as a cover.
Bargello Blues quilt used as a TV cover

"The real challenge for me was to decide how to quilt it. I decided to stitch in the ditch above fabric A. The end result is what I was hoping for, but the process was slow (smile). I used my sewing machine and, as you know, had to do a lot of 90 degree turns."

This photo shows the quilt under the foot of Tim’s sewing machine in the process of being quilted.
The process of Tim's quilt being quilted

Part of the fun Tim had was making this quilt with his mother, Cecile. What a great way to share time together. While Tim made the large version of this quilt, Cecile made the small version. Cecile says: "He was visiting when the pattern arrived and we shopped in my fabric stash. He was here long enough to piece the quilt. He's happy, she's happy and I'm happy."

Following is a photo of Cecile quilt.
Cecile's bargello blues quilt

Congratulations Tim and Cecile. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

For details about our "Bargello Blues" quilt pattern see our website by clicking on the image below. This design is also offered as an online class for those who need help with their project. Online classes help you answer questions, share ideas and get to know other quilters from around the world.
Bargello Blues quilt pattern
"Bargello Blues" quilt pattern

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ideas for Applique

Hello quilters,

Sometimes I like a change from making quilts, not too often, but sometimes. Earlier this year I decided that I needed a change as well as a new sweatshirt so I set about making my own. Well not quite...

I went to the store and bought myself a sweatshirt (ok I know that part isn't making anything) but its what I did next that counts.

At the time, my "Advanced Layered Applique" class was running online. My students really had fun and you know how it is, when someone is having fun with quilting, you want to join in and do it too. I didn't want to made "Red Red Wine" again, but I did want to use the applique templates so that's exactly what I did. I used them to dress up my sweatshirt.

Here I am with my sweatshirt on standing by the Avon River in Christchurch

My free-motion applique techniques make this so easy to applique right onto the sweatshirt. Since you can sew in all directions, there is no turning and twisting so stitching is a breeze. Of course, sometimes I do get a little carried away though, but then that's half the fun of it. The grapes and leaves continue over to the back.

I did end up with a very unique, no-one-else-has sweatshirt - guaranteed, and it not only keeps me warm but is admired by many. So why don't you dress up a sweatshirt for yourself using your favorite applique design? It's fun!