Saturday, 26 April 2008

Quilting news

Well it has been way too long since I posted here on my blog and a lot has happened in this time. The most exciting news of all is, my visa has been accepted so I may live and work my quilting business in California, USA. I am now overwhelmed with the possibilities and opportunities this will give me, of course, this won't come without a lot of hard work in creating new designs and classes for quilting. I have already started this year off with a bang, two new online classes and six new quilt patterns, and the exciting news is, there are more to come.

This year I've been working mostly in two areas, first my zodiac creations which involve appliqué for every zodiac sign and adding them to different projects. My tote is a great example of this and ideal as an inexpensive gift to make. My zodiac class includes all signs and projects together, Quilting the Zodiac I have all sorts of quilt layouts and include the tote instructions, cushion instructions and also the character ring you see in the photo if you follow the link. This class is starting 17th May so registration is already open.

The second area I have been working with is Bargello quilting. I have four new patterns out and a new bargello class. My class is Bargello Twist which is designed around my Hoffman Challenge quilt in 2003, Cherry Blossoms. This class was a huge success when it opened in January and I look forward to its second run on 31st May. You can find out more here... Bargello Twist

Along with Cherry Blossoms being presented as one of the new bargello pattern, is my classic "Bargello Blues". This design has always been a hit so the pattern is long over due. Both Cherry Blossoms and Bargello Blues are advanced projects so I decided some beginners patterns were also required. That's where my Bargello seasons series come in. First up is "Bargello in Autumn" and "Bargello in Winter". I'm hoping summer and spring will follow shortly.

So that's a brief update of what is going on. I am thoroughly enjoying my time in California and publishing more work here, and just to add to the excitement, great news today is, my son had his visa accepted to join me. I'm over the moon!

Have a wonderful month and year in quilting, I know I'm having a blast.