Sunday, 26 September 2010

In the world of quilting...

Finally I have some big things behind me. For the past few months I have only been on the edge of the quilting sector with trips up North and my daughter's wedding. This is now over and behind us, but a lot of work. She made all the dresses with much help from me. She designed the celtic herself and I attached it after the dress was made. It is black silk bias with red roses dotted here and there.

I'm still waiting for my sister's twins to be born, any day now, and need to finish the new baby quilt design to send her. More about that later when the pattern is released.

It's been very distributive here in Christchurch with the big earthquake at the beginning of the month and then all the aftershocks. Over 1000 already. It was a nice break away going to the wedding but I have to admit, it took at least 24 hours to settle down to not thinking every noise you heard was another shake. 6 days away from Earthquake city was great and we have less and less now that we are back. I do have a lot of cracks in my ceiling and walls however, but I'm sure they will soon be mended.

Now I'm back on track with the business and quilting. Look for more blog posts, articles, new patterns and classes in the coming months.

Happy Quilting!

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